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at Playgrounds, Sunday 30 May 2021

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After 1 year of no surf contest in Nusa Lembongan because of the pandemic situation, and this year LST is proud to announce that in 2021 we will continue our yearly routine. But this year will be a little bit different, This year we are doing our positive program to join LSI (Liga Surfing Indonesia/Indonesian […]

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LST Support Nusa Lembongan due COVID-19

The massive impact of COVID-19 has been affected all people in Nusa Lembongan, especially losing their jobs where all of them work in the tourism industry. This social movement proposed to help them by giving the basic daily needs to ensure they survive in this hard condition. The one that we really concern is the […]

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Press Release; Surf Festival International PRO AM Surfing Event 2020.

Welcome to the Surf Festival International PRO AM Surfing Event 2020. The Surfing Festival International PRO AM Event 2020 is an annual celebration of the Balinese culture. Our event consists of exhibitions and programs for locals and visitors to Indonesia to experience. This will be the third year an International invitational PRO AM Surfing event […]

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LST History

The first contest held in Nusa Lembongan was in 1983; at “Tarsan’s Left” – now known as “Playgrounds” and was won by local surfer “Roger”. The event was organized by Paul Anderson from Australia; and along with Brian and George from Seal Rocks (Australia) they had collected about 17 surfboards to take to the island and donate

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Sponsorship Information

We are seeking sponsorship in the form of product and financial assistance in the running off our annual contest; to encourage and reward our commendable youth and too also support their dreams of becoming champion surfers on the ISC Tour and ultimately becoming WQS surfers on the ASP World Tour.

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LST Team

Here are some of our team members from grommet, junior and open division