LST 2016 “SAMMADA’S SURFING SERIES “ – 1st series at Playgrounds

Okay, here we go, LET’S GET IT ON for LST 2016 surfing series, sponsored by SAMMADA Beach Club and supported by T-Selection; the first event of the series being held at “PLAYGROUNDS”.

Everyone is invited to join with LST for the grand opening ceremony of this historic event; on July 23rd, Saturday; at the SAMMADA Beach Club, located on the beachfront of Jungutbatu (almost near “Shipwrecks” surf break) @ 5pm, opening with traditional Baliness dancers, followed by with great food, sunset drinks & music, attended by the head officials from Klungkung to announce the official heat draws and more.

Day of competition, July 24th, Sunday: will begin with check-in for all competitors at the base camp, located at SAMMADA Beach Club, also at the sub-base on the bukit @ the song Lambung beach/Playgrounds; this is where you can follow your favorite local surfer and his progression thru the days event. Competition will start @ 8am and finishing by 5pm.

The surf forecast is looking great, holding steady at 4-6ft all day; the LST boys will be doing what they do best, and that’s “GETTING IT ON” !!!! From the division of u/14 boys we will see Lembongan’s future surfing talent unfold. For the u/21 pro junior boys, expect to witness a show of unleashed talent that knows no boundaries; and for the Open division, all surfers here are seasoned competitors, some of Indonesia’s top surfers for the last 10 years,,,,, watch & learn from the islands best, and most of all take note of the endless smiles and laughter that flow thru the day, like an endless swell of island stoke.

Presentation of LST”s first event of the SAMMADA Surfing Series, will be held after the competition final at the Sammada Beach Club. Everyone is invited to join in the celebration of awarding the champions of the day, and those who now become the leading contenders off the series. Once again in island style, great food, drink and music.

LST would also like to thank our main supporting sponsor T- Selection (from Japan), Mojo Surf, Bali Water Park, Yuki Brand, D’Camel Fast Ferry, Zee Wetsuits Australia, Blue Corner Dive, Indiana Kenanga, Villa 353 degrees north, Tamarind Lembongan Resort, CLAM Clothes, Natural, LASHED Photography, David & Christine Masters, Ibu Caron, Kepala Desa Jungutbatu, Bendesa Adat Jungutbatu, Kepala Desa Lembongan, Bendesa Adat Lembongan, Never Never Land, Margaret Richardson, Kelly Borthwick, LPD Jungutbatu, Mahagiri Beach Club, Café Bali, Big Fish Dive, Yoga Shack, Lembongan Reef, Kodul Beach Bar & Cafe D’Nusa Beach Club, Dive Concept, Nick Callen, Newbro Surfing, Ceningan Divers, World Diving, Lembongan Discovery Dive, Lembongan Dive Center, Daniel & Mb. Endah, Sanur Express, Scoot Fast Cruise, Lemongrass Bar & Restaurant, Tigerlillys, Ritz Bali, Mainski Beach Resort, Mickeys Sports Bar, Marine Megafauna Foundation, Theater Restaurant Jungutbatu, Villa Aman, Lembongan Beach House (Bostock), Harmony Villa, Sanctuary Villa, Coconut Beach Resort, Bali Hai, Villa Mimpi Manis, Villla Kasih, Dream Beach Huts, Tarci Bungalows, Rocky Fast Cruises, The Overland, Togox Photography, Planet Nomadas,, Lembongan Island Beach Villas, Cibola Threads, Serenity Yoga, Villa Bukit and Capt. Coconut Snorkeling Tour.

LST are grateful and humble to all the sponsors for their support; and not just for the finance and products provided; but for their belief in rewarding our youth who care for the environment here on the island and act upon it.

It is LST’s pleasure to have everyone here on the island, local & visitor; to come join and celebrate with us, and be apart of history in the making.

With Island Pride

– LST –


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