After 1 year of no surf contest in Nusa Lembongan because of the pandemic situation, and this year LST is proud to announce that in 2021 we will continue our yearly routine. But this year will be a little bit different, This year we are doing our positive program to join LSI (Liga Surfing Indonesia/Indonesian Surf League).

The LSI is a series of surf club events that end up in a grand final where the best Surf Clubs surfers compete against each other for the year-end championship.

The LSI is a yearly championship created to support surf clubs and their members. This should lead to the creation of strong surf clubs that are able to put on their own individual events and train their own athletes, resulting in a sustainable pathway for the growth of competitive surfing in Indonesia.

LST would like to offer you the opportunity of becoming the “SUPPORTING SPONSOR” to this 2021 LST SURF COMPETITION.

We are seeking support in the way of cash and product from your business/company which will be presented for the prizes.

This year we will be holding 3 events (Following LSI Schedule) :

  1. 23rd May 2021
  2. 27th June 2021
  3. 18th July 2021

By hosting the “LST Surf Competitions 2021” allows us to focus upon our youth. Providing a platform for their accomplished skills, self-esteem, and confidence, within our community.

All events of “LST Surf Competitions 2021” are focusing just on our LST members, where we will compete again each other to represent our surf club in the bigger event.

This is a great opportunity for our generation to bring more innovation and motivation for surfing future in Nusa Lembongan.

For more details please download here

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