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Once again for 2017 LST will be holding a series of 3 event, with a beginner push-in, grommet & pro junior division; & and an expression session for the open division, as this year LST want to focus on the younger generation; and will be awarding the winner of the Grommet division an entry place into the Nusa Pendia Festival International Surfing Pro-Am event (being held on Oct 5 th -8 th at Shipwrecks & Lacerations).

This year we are fortunate to have the recognition and support from our local government of the Klung-kung regency, Bali, as our titled sponsor. Thou we are still seeking sponsorship in the form of product and finical assistance to support 5 programs that LST are passionate about and thus allowing our community and friends to still be apart of LST’s endeavours. The 5 programs are;

1. Beach & Island Clean Ups


LST has for the past 5 years taken on the responsibility of helping to keep our beaches and land clean of trash. This has not been a “once a year” clean up as most of the communities of the world conduct; but it has always been conducted every 2 weeks. As with the rise of increasing number of visitors and populace to our island, so does the amount of waste continue to increase; especially during the wet season (November to April) we endure a 60% increase of trash arriving upon our shoreline from the outer islands (as the heavy rains flush out the streams, thus the trash enters the ocean, and carried by swell, currents, tide & wind arrives on our doorstep).

We are fortunate to have the assistance of another local youth group “Junction Community” and diving instructors of our local dive companies who share the same respect for the land and ocean as LST does. LST invites one and all to come and join with us, as its also a great way of meeting like minded people, and sharing a laugh or two along the way.

2.Mangrove Restoration



From the 5 years of LST doing beach clean-ups, we begun too see the devastating effects (especially plastic bags) that was happening to our precious mangrove environment. Basically certain areas were beginning to die, young plants being strangled by the entwining plastic. This has a huge impact to our marine environment – for which provides livelihoods for many a persons on the island.

In 2014 LST cleared these threatened mangrove areas of trash and began a program of replanting young shoots and nurturing them. LST continues to monitor and maintain these areas as with the seaweed farming industry diminishes we are now battling the remains of nylon ropes & twines that are washing in from abandoned fields, entangling the roots. LST continues on to preserve our mangroves.




The training program was introduced to help our members to become better athletes by understanding and knowing their bodies strengths and weakness. By training you focus your mind to the exercise or movement of the moment – thus you are not only improving upon your physical skills but your mental skills also. This is especially important for our youth, as LST has always placed a high value of academic & schooling achievement; for which is the foundation of their lives.

In charge of this program is Kadet Angga Mardiana (Loxy); where he resided in Australia for 4 years – graduating from Sunshine High School; which held a “Surfing Excellence Program” as a subject. Loxy also has competed in local boardriders, school & ASP/WSL events held in Australia – thus returning to Nusa Lembongan with a wealth of knowledge and skills which he eagerly shares and passes onto our youth.

4.Swimming Instruction/Lessons



The duty of a guardian is to protect; and as LST take on this role off our islands surrounding clear waters and with the increasing number of infinity/dip/spa pools being built along with accommodation & villas; it is our desire that all the local children have the opportunity to be taught not just to swim but to tread water and to float without fear, and thus ensuring the possibility of a drowning is nigh to nil.

Along with this program LST would also like to pass on the skill of CPR (thus if an unfortunate event does occur, then others will know how to respond and prevent the occurrence of a tragedy). These programs would be offered free to the students – but LST are in need of funding for swimming aids & CPR equipment to provide the best form of instruction possible; as there is no price that one can place someone’s life, especially that of a child.




It is with great pride that LST participates and helps to promote our Hindu culture – for not just preserving our way of life but to share it with others who travel from afar to experience and understand our ways of being.

From 2001, our first event, we have always maintained and upheld our culture; with the respectful ceremonies to God before, during and at the closing of our events. We also include our traditional dancers & musicians too our events; thus enhancing our Baliiness culture for the international visitors island experience.

LST carry the responsibility of stewardship and guardianship with island pride and we welcome everyone to join in and be apart of our endeavours. Please open up our budget proposal to view how you and your business can be represented to the best of your desired participation and budget. Companies like “Rocky Lembongan Fast Cruises” have seen the benefits of sponsorship with LST, having signed a 5yr contract; we are grateful for their on going support; and yes we are open for discussion of special interest sponsorship; please do not hesitate to contact us to explore the mutual benefits for all.

With Island Pride



Contact Information:

I Wayan Lhaena
Ph;  081 337 346 506

I Nyoman Sastrawan
Ph:   082 147 419 349